In Loving Memory

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Hametia Fielder King
August 11, 1910 - July 27, 2001

by Ann Smiley

Grace walked with us--
With sparkling, laughing eyes,
A voice that rang like fairy laughter,
A humor warm, and wise.

Grace loved us all--
As mother, wife, grandmother,
We were all her precious darlings,
Adored above all others.

Grace taught us well--
To wear our bravest smile,
To set our chins and face the world,
With dignity and style.

Grace went home--
A quiet, peaceful thing,
Knowing heaven beckoned to her,
Ready for her wings.

Grace lives still--
In the way we move our hands,
And when we hold our shoulders proud,
Her gentle presence stands.

Grace walks with us--
Although her body's gone,
She gave us all such strength and love,
Her spirit lingers on.

This interactive site has been created in loving memory of our Grandmother Nickie. She touched so many hearts and lives, even the internet seems insufficient to contain all the loving thoughts of those of us who miss her. Please add your thoughts and memories to ours, or simply light a virtual candle or add a flower, sand dollar or cross, by clicking Add Your Memories, below.

If you have a special photo of Nickie, we'd love to add it to this site. Scan it at 72 DPI, save it as a JPG, and e-mail it to Ann and we'll add it, here!

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